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Women on the Fringe
Women on the Fringe: Groundbreaking Women in the Paranormal

Non-fiction, Paranormal

Coming in March 2024

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When it comes to serious researchers delving into the world of the paranormal, UFOs, cryptids, and psi abilities, it is not just a man’s world anymore. From the early days of spiritualism to today’s cutting-edge investigations into the unknown, women have stood at the forefront and broken ground in fields often associated with their male counterparts. This book hopes to set the record straight by featuring dozens of stories written by women both known and unknown at the forefront of their fields. All of these women have contributed an immense amount of knowledge, insight, and passion into the fields they specialize in.

These are women from all walks of life, all ages, from all over the world who have been compelled to seek out the answers to the greatest mysteries of humankind, from a young girl who started her own radio show empire to older women chasing down Bigfoot, cryptids, and shadow people to those with the special gift of communicating with the deceased. They tell their stories in their own words of how they got into their fields of study, the challenges and obstacles they faced, and what drove them to embark on a journey into the liminal realms. Each woman tells her own story in her own words, with additional insights and commentary provided by the three authors.

Having been interviewed themselves on radio, television, and in print, the three authors know all too well that the first question they are asked by the host is “How did you get into this field?” This book answers that question and more, and presents a stunning array of intellects and voices out there in the trenches of every aspect of the paranormal, from their field investigative techniques and experiences, to the challenges of being female in male dominated fields, to their beliefs and practices, all driven by their passion of the anomalous nature of reality and the secrets within.

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