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Post Apocalyptic Romance/Paranormal

April 13, 2018

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A terrible disease of unknown origin ravages the world. After people die, they are transformed into dangerous creatures known as mombies/half deads, or if they’re fortunate enough to live, they are genetically altered in ways both horrible and wonderful. Four men and four women will survive incredible odds to build the only life they can have in a world gone mad.

Unleashed (Book 1 of Unrest Series)

Who can she trust?

Petra Conniver is the prisoner of men determined to use and abuse her for their personal slave in a ravaged post apoc world. When something sinister and ruthless attacks them, she fights for freedom or blessed death.

What’s really in the darkness?

Ex-Special Forces soldier Lance MacShane rescues Petra from the gang holding her prisoner and the things emerging from the darkness. He wants to protect her, but she’s shut down her desire to connect and refuses to trust.

And then something occurs that alters everything Petra and Lance understand in a world torn asunder.

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