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Post Apocalyptic Romance/Paranormal

April 13, 2018

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A terrible disease of unknown origin ravages the world. After people die, they are transformed into dangerous creatures known as mombies/half deads, or if they’re fortunate enough to live, they are genetically altered in ways both horrible and wonderful. Four men and four women will survive incredible odds to build the only life they can have in a world gone mad.

Uninvited (Book 2 of Unrest Series)

Ella Danforth went from independent businesswoman to brutalized prisoner and wife of a crazed religious man during the post apoc world. But she’s not taking it anymore. After helping ex-FBI hostage rescue team officer Daniel Ambrose escape her husband’s wrath and the creatures called “mombies” wrecking havoc on the area, she’s free at last.

Daniel is blown over by her kick-ass determination to survive and the dangerous feelings he has for her. As the two of them discover a growing attraction, they fight the elements, the madness of a world in chaos, and her murderous husband’s plan for the ultimate revenge.

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