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Post Apocalyptic Romance/Paranormal

April 13, 2018

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A terrible disease of unknown origin ravages the world. After people die, they are transformed into dangerous creatures known as mombies/half deads, or if they’re fortunate enough to live, they are genetically altered in ways both horrible and wonderful. Four men and four women will survive incredible odds to build the only life they can have in a world gone mad.

Unforgiven (Book 4 of Unrest Series)

Denver police detective Harmony Gibson survived the pandemic, but never escaped Denver to Lakemeadow and her elderly parents. Making it day by day avoiding mombies isn't half as bad as a vicious man who takes her captive, determined to make her life hell. When she escapes, only a mysterious voice on a CB radio gives her hope.

Raul Santos's war experiences kept him searching for the next big thrill. Even the apocalypse can't prevent him from seeking excitement. When mombies, the elements, and a dangerous enemy threaten Harmony's life and that of Raul's friends, he discovers a new reason to kick ass and take names.

The group hears from others in Denver, of hope and possibilities related to strange super powers and to a cure for the disease that started the epidemic. A network of survivors works to take back the planet. But first Harmony and Raul must survive the twisted revenge plot of a man who is determined to make her pay.

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