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Post Apocalyptic Romance/Paranormal

April 13, 2018

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A terrible disease of unknown origin ravages the world. After people die, they are transformed into dangerous creatures known as mombies/half deads, or if they’re fortunate enough to live, they are genetically altered in ways both horrible and wonderful. Four men and four women will survive incredible odds to build the only life they can have in a world gone mad.

Unchained (Book 3 of Unrest Series)

When the world falls apart, Yuki Sakata retreats to her grandmother’s cabin in the mountains. When a crazed religious man known as The Reverend takes her hostage, she meets up with her old friend Ella Danforth, who has been kidnapped twice by the fanatic.

Former army doctor Rick Peterson helps rescue Yuki and Ella. What he doesn’t expect and doesn’t want is to crave Yuki, to desire to protect her with everything inside him.

When a blizzard traps Rick and Yuki at her grandmother’s cabin, they’re stuck with another man who could be their friend or foe and creatures outside that could mean the death of them.

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