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Erotic Paranormal Romance

October, 7th 2016

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New Orleans.


A blood red eclipse will cover this night…

Dawn went to the Den of Wolves, certain she could save her wayward sister from immortality. She knew only one man could help her—Niall Machaire. The man her sister had loved and left ten years ago.

Something isn’t quite right about Niall, but she isn’t certain what it is…What is he?

Dawn feared the primal, unstoppable craving she experienced for the gorgeous man. When he saves her life, and she awakens naked in his bed, she discovers his help may cost an immortal price.

New Orleans


Dawn Chartrier sat in her parked car and held her breath, certain she might walk into the Den of Wolves tonight and meet her death if things didn’t go as planned. Tonight she might discover the mystery of what happened beyond the darkness between death and rebirth.

She looked out at the New Orleans night, with its foggy nuance and mysterious layers that spoke of fatal consequences. She felt the chill down to her marrow. She’d seen costume-clad revelers around the streets, but once she’d arrived at the club, fundamental change brought a deathly hush over the street. Edginess prickled her skin, her stomach uneasy and her heart throbbing a little too fast. Dawn had never experienced a panic attack, but she fought with rising anxiety to keep her heart steady and trembling at bay. She’d always been the brave one in the family, willing to take chances to get things done. Now that she was here, reluctance dogged at her heels.

What insanity lurked around this single street and caused Halloween partygoers to avoid this area? Did the reputation of the club keep them away? Her heart pounded, and fear threatened to smash her resolve. She could start the car and escape.

But her family would never forgive her, even if she forgave herself.

Taking time off from her financial analyst job in Denver hadn’t gone over well with her ‘work-fourteen-hours-a-day’ boss. He’d grudgingly given her a week off when she explained her sister could be in grave danger. The boss from hell might use this trip as a reason to mark her down on her evaluation coming up next month. If so, she’d decided it might be time to start looking for another job, or another career all together.

“Shit.” Cursing came easy to her now—she’d never been a potty mouth, but circumstances and stress made her do things she didn’t think she would.

If she didn’t watch out, she’d follow her sister Maureen’s destructive path. She could still hear her Maureen’s prophetic words when she’d called. Immortality is a bitch.

Well, her sister should know. She’d given her life over to something unnatural, and now she paid the price.

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