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A Creature Feature Horror Story

March 12th, 2020

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“The Earth is flat.” --FACT from 600 BC “

There are no such things as monsters.” --FACT from 2019

What we don't know will KILL us—death comes from the DEEP.

An emotionally broken British ex-soldier leads a group of mismatched survivors in battle after a series of earthquakes release monsters into the New York subway system.

New York City. A day like any other. Earthquakes rattle ten city occupants out of their morning routine and cause instant unease. Authorities say it’s nothing to be worried about, but soon they discover that’s a lie.  

The earthquakes bring together a former SAS soldier, three professors, an abused teen, three bank robbers, a grandmother, and a seismologist as they struggle to survive when another quake destroys the subway they are in. Trapped in their stalled subway car, their prejudices, strengths and weaknesses create instant friction.  But that is nothing compared to the challenge they are about to face when huge monsters are awakened from their long stasis by the quakes…and are now rampaging through the subway tunnels.

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