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Dangerous Intentions
Dangerous Intentions

Erotic Romantic Suspense

March 2016

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Passionate Plume Finalist 2006

Wildfire attraction, dangerous enemies. There’s a serious chance no one will make it out alive…

Wealthy magazine editor Kiley Chapman lives with the frightening memory of her kidnapping ten years ago. When she advertises for a man for a hero profile article, she soon discovers sinfully sexy bodyguard Scott Danger lives up to his name. Charismatic and confident, he erodes her resolve to stay cool and uninvolved.

Security specialist and ex-Special Forces soldier Scott Danger prides himself on having impeccable restraint—a man who disciplines both mind and body. It’s questionable how long he can resist his powerful and heated attraction to Kiley—and all bets are off when he must protect her from a deadly stalker bent on destroying all they hold dear.

The wildfire sexual attraction between them guarantees sparks they may not want to acknowledge but can’t ignore. So while Scott guards her body, and Kiley guards her heart, neither one can fight the sensual and emotional hunger that swirls between them, consuming them.

Kiley saw the black limousine coming down the street about the same time he did, but his reaction took her by surprise. Scott yanked her into the alley next to them and ran.

She stumbled over a trashcan and sent the metal nuisance flying. She cursed under her breath, gritting her teeth against the pain.

Deep inside the alley he stopped. She pulled against his hand. “What the hell are you--?”


His hand clamped over her mouth as Scott wrapped an arm about her waist and brought her against his body. She gasped, surprise rolling through her stomach. Damn if she wasn’t having déjà vu.

He looked down the alley toward the street, his mouth drawn tight. Kiley experienced every inch of his hard muscles with intimate detail. His hips rammed her stomach, and a funny ache throbbed where he squashed her. Though he wasn’t hurting her, his chest mashed her breasts.

Oh, hell. That felt way too...intimate. Exciting in a deep, primordial way she couldn’t stop. She shifted against him in protest, a sound echoing from her throat.

The scent of threat seeped into her pores. She shivered against him. For what seemed an eternity, he trapped her like an insect on flypaper.

Suddenly Scott removed his hand from her mouth and his arm from about her waist. She staggered back a step and came up against a brick wall.

She licked her lips. “What--”

“Thorson’s limo was coming down the street.”

“How do you know it was his limo?”

“The license plate. Stay put.”

He walked to the edge of the alley and scanned the area, then came back to her. “It’s clear. I don’t think he saw us.”

Kiley started around him. “Then I can leave.”

He grabbed her arm. “No.”

She backed out of his grip and came up against the wall again. Residual anger broke forth. “I suppose you found the note I left you telling you that I wouldn’t need your help any longer?”

Scott glared. This man had the facial expression down to a science. He could scare puppies and little babies. He could frighten her, if she let him.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked.

He took a step forward. “You deserve a good--”


If he was shocked by her word choice, he didn’t show it. Instead Scott took another step toward her, until he almost touched her, and Kiley was forced to tilt her head back to look at him.

He put his palms down on the wall next to her about shoulder height. “Something much worse. I’m taking you out of here, and you’re not going to give me trouble.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, you’re fired.”

“Your uncle hasn’t fired me.”

“I have.”

“You don’t pay the bills, sweet thing.”

Sweet thing. Barclay had called her that all the time. She hated it. Hated it. Hated it.

Kiley didn’t care for his Neanderthal attitude. Pissed, she pushed with both hands against his chest. It didn’t budge him. “Don’t call me that again. I ought to kick you in the balls.”

“But you won’t.”

“You just expect me to go along with this shit without question?”

“For the moment.”

“A woman could get bruised being around you.”

“Better bruised than dead.”

Though light wedged its way into the alley, the darkness still hung here, cloaking Kiley like a shroud. Fear warred with a primitive feeling she couldn’t ignore. Somehow, despite his barbarism, she knew he would shelter her against any threat.

She could trust him with her life.

Rallying against the flutter deep in her belly, she said, “Well, don’t do me no favors.”

He grunted. “Sounds like a line from an old movie.”

Lethal Weapon.”


Lethal Weapon. Danny Glover says to Mel Gibson--”

“Yeah, I remember.”

His gaze focused on her mouth, and suddenly the air changed. Like a lightning bolt it hit Kiley, hot and fierce and unprecedented. His heart beating against her fingers, and the rise and fall of his breathing called to her body in a rhythm that recognized him as all man. Her heart pounded, her body aflame as he pressed his chest and hips closer. Closer yet. 

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