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Bridge Through the Mist
Bridge Through the Mist

Erotic Time Travel Romance

June 25, 2016

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When Alenna Carstairs is hurled through time into 1318, Scotland's medieval world brings her face to face with hot, sexy Tynan of MacBrahin. Infuriated with his barbaric manners, and yet sensing vulnerability within him, she vows to discover the heartbreak that has scarred his soul.

World-weary knight, Tynan of MacBrahin lost two loves to the brutality of other men. He can't forgive himself for failing to protect the women who depended on him. When Alenna saves his life, her independent spirit stirs desires so strong within him he can't resist her. A depraved baron soon wants Alenna for his own, and Tynan must find a way to conquer this powerful man to save her. Alenna struggles with soul-staggering desire for Tynan, but most of all, she must convince Tynan his love is not lethal, and she is the one who can bring shine to his armor again.

  • "Romantic and emotionally compelling...RIDGE THROUGH THE MIST enchants with its notable storytelling... With skilled writing, Ms. Agnew is capable of making every fascinating moment in this outstanding story not only convincing but also totally heartfelt... A master of several genres, the talent of Ms. Agnew shines in this innovative time travel story, where the plot and characters are extraordinary. The whole story is visually stimulating, as the scenes come alive as the reader gets a sense of the daily life in the 14th Century..."
  • "Ms. Agnew is capable of making every fascinating moment in this outstanding story not only convincing but also totally heartfelt. By combining a cast of memorable characters with an innovative storyline, Denise A. Agnew captivates readers with her creative originality. A master of several genres, the talent of Ms. Agnew shines...plot and characters are extraordinary.. mesmerizing...absolutely sizzling, yet there is also a compassionate tenderness...BRIDGE THROUGH THE MIST is an adventurous love story which will leave a lasting impact from the profound emotions...."
  • "Recommended Read! There is one word to describe Bridge Through the Mist…sensational...This medieval tale was exciting, intriguing, and steamy. Bridge Through the Mist is one story that can be read again and again, and the reader will feel the pull of the mystery and the feeling of the characters every time. Denise A. Agnew has become one writer who will always be on my bookshelf."
  • "5 Stars! I loved the attention to detail that was not overpowering...Who doesn't love a Scottish love story? This one is all that and so much more...secondary characters so utterly alive they make this book a must read. I highly recommend Bridge Through The Mist."
  • "Four exceptional tale of medieval times...The sexual tension between these two characters was scorching...I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a lot of action, sizzling passion and a battle of wills that will keep the reader completely engrossed to the very last page. Great job, Ms. Agnew."
  • "Bridge Through The Mist is a time travel novel with a bit of a different twist. I loved the attention to detail that was not overpowering but a quiet theme running behind the scenes throughout the book...The characters are very realistic. I had no trouble believing Alenna was a modern woman who suddenly found herself bound by the constraints of the early fourteenth century...secondary characters are so utterly alive they make this book a must read. I highly recommend Bridge Through The Mist."

As she stood a wave of dizziness came over her and she grabbed the table edge. Hoping she could stop the twirling sensation, she closed her eyes and tightened her hold.

"Alenna," a deep, concerned voice said at her elbow. She opened her eyes as Tynan put his arm around her waist. "I will take care of her, my lord."

"Tynan shall see you safely to your chambers," the baron said. He nodded and smiled as they left.

Once out of the great hall, Tynan pulled her to his chest. His expression was thunderous, as if she'd committed a great transgression.

Before he could speak she said, "You can wipe that glower off your face, Tynan. I can't help it if I don't eat rotten meat every day."

"Meat in yer time is better?"

"It's preserved by freezing."

His eyebrows went up. "Then ye have only guid meat in the winter?"

His comical expression temporarily took her mind off the muddle in her intestines and she smiled. "No. We have a way to keep it frozen year round."

Cocking his head to the side slightly, he said, "I've much to learn of yer time, Alenna."

In contrast to the glares he'd given her all evening, his gaze grew soft and concerned. Without hesitation he lifted her in his arms.

"Tynan, you don't have to carry me."

He strode through the castle. "But I will. I'm takin' ye home."


A strange word for him to use.

He shifted her in his arms as if to get a better grip. "I'll have Elizabet put together a tea for ye."

At the mention of the woman's name, a twinge of consternation added to the conflict in her stomach. "The baron was very talkative tonight."

"Aye. I could see that. He likes yer company too much."

The sour quality to his tone surprised her. "Why too much?"

"When it comes to women, I dinnae trust him."

"Because he's had ten mistresses?"

Tynan looked down at her, and in the flickering light of one of the torches, she noted the tightness about his mouth. A sure sign of his disapproval, if ever there was one.

"A man with mistresses is often foolish. He doesnae think with his mind."

She smiled. "I see. You mean you're afraid he won't make good decisions if he's distracted by a woman."


Alenna let out a laugh. "Do you know this from personal experience?"

"Aye. If a man places a woman's welfare above his duties, above the trust other people have in him, he is fair ruined."

Startled by his statement and by how it made her feel, Alenna said, "So a man in love is stupid?"

His nodded firmly. "He is."

"You think the baron can't perform his duties correctly when he has a mistress?"

"If he dare fall in love with her." As they came to the Black Tower, Tynan sat her on her feet.

"Is he in love with Caithleen?"

"Nay. But if he were to take ye as his mistress, I ken it wouldnae be long before he were a mad man."

Indignation stirred her as he opened the door and they went into the room. "Are you saying I would make him crazy?"

Shaking his head as if she couldn't possibly understand, he leaned in close. "Ye might, at that."

"I don't know whether to be insulted or flattered," she said weakly.

"He finds ye comely, as any man with two eyes must."

Suddenly the warmth and special attention in Tynan's gaze was immediate. Too intimate.

Do you find me comely, Tynan?

He jerked back, and for a moment Alenna thought she'd asked the question aloud. Feeling tired, she sat on the pallet. Immediately he went to work on starting a fire in the hearth.

"The baron will want ye for his mistress before long."


"I watched ye together. Dougald even noticed it."

"If you mean that he was rude to ignore Caithleen, then you're right-"

"'Tis not just that. ‘Tis in his eyes. I saw it before he took Caithleen as his mistress. If a man looks close, he can see what another man is plottin'. ‘Tis not a hard thing to do."

"You had me fooled. I thought you were staring at me and yet you were watching the baron."

He cocked an eyebrow and grinned. "I was starin' at ye part of the time."

The little devil on her shoulder wanted to know why. "Oh?"

He stood. "I wanted to see if ye wished for his attentions."

"Of course not. He touched me," she said.

His spine stiffened. "He touched ye?"

"On the hand. Several times."

He swallowed hard. "He should nae have done that."

"Well, he seems like the type of man who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants."

Tynan's face hardened again. "Aye."

Even in that moment, when he frowned, she knew the essence of what made Tynan a powerful man. When he looked at a woman he saw her. Beyond a woman's fetching facade, or fancy clothing, Tynan looked into the soul.

Somehow his watchfulness was deeper than sexual, though as disquieting as any lustful gaze. As he continued to stare, she felt devoured, yet somehow protected at the same time.

Alenna drank in the sight of him like a thirsty woman. In that moment she understood why women admired him, and yet feared the primal man hovering under the surface.

"God's blood," he said, his voice rumbling deep. "How does any man resist ye? How do I resist ye?" He shook his head. "I'll get Elizabet for ye."

Seconds later he was out the door, leaving her more confused about the man than ever.

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