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The Andersonville Horror
The Andersonville Horror


March 7, 2019

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Based on the horror screenplay by Denise A. Agnew and Marie D. Jones and on actual research from historical documents...

Georgia, April 1865. Lilly Billings is an idealistic young nurse from the north, sent to treat Union soldiers at the notorious Civil War Andersonville prison camp. She is also desperate to locate her brother Elijah and her betrothed Benjamin, both prisoners. Upon her arrival, Lily is out of her element in a place filled with horrors inside and outside the prison gates.

By night, she hears strange animal-like howls mixed with the screams of prisoners and loud booms coming from a vortex in the woods, from which dark shapes emerge.

Then prisoners and guards are brutally murdered and a large canine tooth is found at the scene. Some suspect wolves, but others believe the killers are creatures of legend drawn to places of death, suffering, and fear.

If she wants to survive and save her loved ones, she must fight unknown evils both human and maybe even supernatural…

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