September 2014

Welcome to my website. Please explore! You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter almost every day.

Here’s the latest news.

  • Looking forward, this year I’m having my Halloween Spooktacular on my blog the whole month of October. I’ll have guest bloggers and will regale you with spooky excerpts and tales!
  • Also on October 2 is the release of One Chance With You. Sometimes being who you really are means taking a chance. Amber MacMillan has survived abuse and misunderstanding over her empathic abilities. Being true to herself has set her free but most men aren’t interested in a woman who can sense their feelings. Jim Clay’s time in war left a mental scar—a fear of flying. When Amber rescues him with her gentle touch and understanding, he thinks he might have a chance to defeat his phobia. An unlikely crisis brings them unexpectedly closer. Amber and Jim may have found the chances they’re looking for—in each other’s arms.

Check back often for updates, especially on my blog.

Until next month, live, love and dream.

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