January 2019

Welcome to my webpage. Thank you so much for stopping by and exploring my writing world. While working on screenplays I’ve also been writing horror stories. Coming soon is a historical/horror/paranormal novella with a hint of romance called Pray For The Devil.

1939 Czecho-Slovak Republic

Dusana guards a secret at Castle Houska, one that she and only a few servants know. Yet the rumors surrounding the ancient castle have now drawn the Nazis to Houska with plans to harness the dark and deadly power they believe dwells within its stone walls. Dusana’s family has protected the castle from outsiders and kept the secret held inside for many centuries. But if Dusana is to protect the castle from evil…she may need to embrace evil herself.

Plans are to release this story before the end of January, so stop by my webpage often for updates.

I’m also excited to show this video of the real Castle Houska from Amy’s Crypt. Thank you so much to Amy for allowing me to show her video here! Enjoy!

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