April 2018

Welcome to my webpage! April is a crazy month, with all four books in my Unrest series out at once. Want details? Check out the book pages: Unleashed, Uninvited, Unchained, and Unforgiven.

Some of you have asked about Love From the Ashes and Blackout, which were optioned many months ago for film/TV. That is still in the works. The film industry is a slow beast a lot of the time. Since then I have joined Where’s Lucy? Productions and Happy Catastrophe Productions as a producer and screenplay writer, so there are more movie and television possibilities for the future. On another front, I hope to have two horror short story/novella collections out later this year.

My latest rendition of the newsletter has been stalled a bit, but I hope to get that on track very soon.

Last but not least, July is the release of a Kindle World story Dangerous To Hold, which is set in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Kindle World.

Until next time, live, love and dream.

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